Car Care: Things to Do If You Put the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

A car is a valuable investment because it can help you get around and go to places faster without dealing with commuting issues. For this reason, all car owners go above and beyond to ensure their cars are taken care of. Of course, a car needs fuel to work, either diesel or petrol.

Petrol, more commonly known as gasoline, is a liquid petroleum product used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. It consists primarily of organic compounds obtained by the fractional distillation of petroleum, enhanced with various additives. On the other hand, diesel is made for diesel engines. It’s made from crude oil and is a mixture of hydrocarbons. While understanding them seems straightforward enough, many car owners still make the mistake of putting the wrong fuel in their cars. For this reason, we’ll discuss what can happen and what you can do to prevent this.

Why Putting the Right Fuel Matters

The fuel you put in your car is a significant factor in how it will run. The wrong fuel can cause major issues in your car’s performance and damage the engine. Depending on the severity of the problems, you may even have to replace the engine. Knowing the difference between petrol and diesel is good, so you don’t make a mistake.

For one, petrol is a lot more volatile than diesel. This means that it can easily catch fire and explode. On the other hand, Diesel is much more stable and won’t catch fire as easily. Another difference is that petrol engines are typically more potent than diesel engines. This is because petrol burns hotter than diesel, so that it can create more power. However, this also means that petrol engines use more fuel than diesel engines.

Generally, the damage when either way is done is engine damage and potential fire. Of course, other things can happen.

What Happens When You Put Petrol in a Diesel Car?

When you put petrol in a diesel car, you may run into the following issues:

Fuel Pump Issues

Diesel cars have a fuel pump that’s specifically designed for diesel. This means that when you put petrol in a diesel car, the fuel pump will have problems. This is because petrol is thinner than diesel and won’t be able to lubricate the diesel pump properly. This can damage the fuel pump and cause it to fail.

Fuel Injector Damage

The fuel injector is a component in the engine that injects fuel into the cylinders. This is where the combustion process takes place. When you put petrol in a diesel car, the petrol can damage the fuel injectors. This is because petrol is thinner than diesel and can’t lubricate the injectors. This can cause the injectors to fail and cause engine damage.

What Happens When You Put Diesel in a Petrol Car?

When you put diesel in a petrol car, the following issues can happen:


A car stalls when the engine stops running. When you put diesel in a petrol car, it can clog up the fuel line and prevent the petrol from getting to the engine, causing it to stall.

Engine Misfire

An engine misfire is when the engine doesn’t fire on all cylinders. When you put diesel in a petrol car, it can prevent the petrol from getting to the engine, causing it to misfire. When this happens, the vehicle will blow out a lot of smoke.

What to Do If You Put the Wrong Fuel

When you put the wrong fuel in your car, there are several steps you can take. First and foremost, you must stop refuelling and turn off the engine. You should also remove the key from the ignition. If you’re lucky, the wrong fuel will be in the fuel tank. However, if it has already entered the engine, then you’ll need to have it flushed out.

You should never attempt to start the car if the wrong fuel has entered the engine because this will only make the problem worse. Instead, call the wrong fuel recovery company. They can drain the fuel tank and flush the engine, eliminating all the wrong fuel.


Putting the wrong fuel in your car can cause severe damage, but you shouldn’t worry. As long as you act fast, you can remove the wrong fuel to mitigate the possible damages. When you do, your car will work as usual.

If you need help with wrong fuel assistance, Petrol in Diesel UK can help you! The wrong type of fuel can damage your car, so we’re here to help by draining the fuel tank to ensure it doesn’t happen. Call 0800 084 5187 today and allow us to help you!