Petrol in diesel Leicestershire

The birthplace of Fox hunting; Leicestershire has now been added to the list of areas where we provide our services. We specialize in draining contaminated fuel using our latest equipment and expert crew. We have been around for 3 years and counting. For immediate help, you can call the 07720875212.


Our Mobile Draining Unit operates 24 hours a day and may be dispatched to any area around Leicestershire. Our skilled and experienced team can handle any vehicle and will have it drained in under an hour.


Petrol in diesel Lutterworth LE17 We had another draining success in Rugby road when a man working at the Saint John’s Business Park had his car contaminated with diesel from the Pace Lutterworth filling station at Market Street. Work completed after 42 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Coalville LE67 At the Whitwick Filling station at Talbot street, we were asked to drain a Vauxhall Vivaro when it was misfuelled by the driver with petrol. We drained the car in 35 minutes and had the owner back on the road.


Petrol in diesel Leicester LE1 After filling his car at the Murco petrol station in 216 Belgrave Gate, it broke down on Melton road after a few miles. We were sent to help the driver and took care of the problem in under an hour.


Petrol in diesel Hinckley LE10 After visiting the grave of their parents at the Ashby road cemetery, a couple of twin sisters had their Toyota Prius filled at the Malthurst Fuels at 167 Upper Bond street. In haste, they filled it with diesel. We arrived after 26 minutes and had them back on the road after draining their car in less than 43 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Melton Mowbray LE13 After going to the Saturday street market, a housewife dropped by at the Esso Express in Nottingham road and had filled her car with the wrong fuel. We were dispatched to Nottingham road where the car was and we drained it of the contaminated fuel. The car started without any issues after 50 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Oakham LE15 We were eating lunch when a call came in and we were sent to the BP service station in Melton road where the driver of a Ford Mondeo was waiting for us. He had filled his car with petrol and was in need of draining. We drained his car of the petrol and he was driving home after 46 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Market Harborough LE16 An employee at the Village Inn Guest House at 101 Saint Mary’s road had her Kia Rio filled at the BP service stations at Coventry road. She later realized it was diesel. She called us immediately and we were able to finish the job in 48 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Loughborough LE11 A car broke down at Derby road after the driver misfuelled his car at the Belton Road service station at 53 Belton Road. We immediately responded after the call came and fixed his car in 40 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Wigston LE18 A Honda Civic going back to Wigston was misfuelled at the Brobot Petroleum at 182 Oadby road. The owner called us to help their customer and when we came, the work was over in 32 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Ibstock LE67 Late in the afternoon, we found ourselves at Ibstock filling station at 27 Ashby Road. The driver sent for us to help him drain his car of the diesel it was filled with. His Mazda 3 started perfectly after 53 minutes.

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