Wrong Fuel Nottinghamshire

Maintaining a vehicle is hard. Getting it repaired is even harder. However, it’s even more of a challenge if you think a few seconds of carelessness while refilling it could have it scrapped for good. It’s a good thing companies that remove wrong fuel exist, such as Fuel Expert.

At Fuel Expert, we can help you stop your topped up car from being scrapped off. With our 24/7 service for any type of car, there’s a good chance we can still save your vehicle. Just call us at 07720 875212 and we can promise that you’ll see our fuel draining van approaching your location, wherever you are in Nottinghamshire, in 30 minutes or even less.

We can support clients who are dealing with wrong fuel in Nottinghamshire in the following manner:

Wrong fuel Newark-on-Trent NG24. The London Road Service Station was almost deserted, save for another motorist and our customer’s Skoda Fabia 1.9. It had 23L of petrol in it instead of diesel, which we removed from the car in what the client called as an “impressive 30 minutes” of service.

Wrong fuel Misterton DN10. We never thought the day would come when we could help put a movie in its plotted progress. On that fateful Friday morning in Gringley Road, we drained almost five gallons of contaminated fuel from an actress’ Mercedes Benz. She didn’t even scold her driver/assistant for doing what he did with the car, especially after we successfully had it running again after almost an hour.

Wrong fuel Worksop S80. It’s not every response that we’d get to have a basket of chocolates given to us as a tip for our help. But this is what happened after we helped a lady with a topped up Mini Cooper in the middle of Turner Road.

Wrong fuel Nottingham NG3. The crew at the Shell Ltd. Station on Carlton Road can be considered as our team’s friends because they’ve helped us obtain customers, including one who misfueled his Saab. We saved that car after 38 minutes of work and stopped it from becoming a useless piece of metal with our wrong fuel removal expertise.

Wrong fuel Kirkby in Ashfield NG17. A customer kept complimenting us on how fast we worked on her Kia C’eed even if we’re on the Sutton roadside. We finished siphoning all 38L of petrol from the car in 46 minutes.

Wrong fuel Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17. Our Saturdays are usually packed with customers travelling with families and not noticing that they’re using the wrong nozzle until it’s too late. One customer filled his family’s Kia Sportage with 33L of petrol, not diesel, but it only took us 43 minutes to flush it out of the car’s system. They didn’t even need to reschedule their outing.

Wrong fuel Bilsthorpe NG22. Mickledale Lane was our team’s next destination on a Tuesday morning shift, where we gained the loyalty of another customer. Her Porsche Cayenne Diesel topped up with 3.5 gallons of petrol in it, which we drained in no time.

Wrong fuel Radcliffe-on-Trent NG12. A young couple were refuelling their Mercedes Benz S-Class when the girlfriend suddenly noticed they’re using the petrol nozzle instead of diesel. We came 15 minutes later, which surprised them in a good way, and worked on restoring the car for 35 minutes.

Wrong fuel Bingham NG13. Our team’s first destination was Kirkhill, where our customer was puzzled over how his newly bought Land Rover Freelander 2 wouldn’t run. His son later admitted of misfueling it, but we resolved the issue in 40 minutes.

Wrong fuel Retford DN22. We headed to R & R Ltd at 4pm after we got a call from a customer whose Audi A8 was filled with petrol instead of diesel. It was one of the best customers we’ve had because we even had a weeklong cookie festival from the grateful lady.


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