petrol in diesel Norfolk

Petrol in Diesel Norfolk


The good people of Norfolk have another reason to be happy. Our mobile draining Unit has now arrived and is ready to serve. Our fast response has been proven already and with our very capable crew we will give you every penny’s worth.

petrol in diesel norfolk

Misfuelled vehicles, if not attended to immediately, can be a pain in the pocket due to costly repairs. Here at Fuel experts, we put our expertise on the line to make sure we drain your car of any fuel that is not supposed to be there. We are open day and night, anytime and anywhere in Norfolk, we will be there in a jiffy and make sure you have your car working before an hour passes.


We had our fuel draining tested in the following areas:


Petrol in diesel Dereham NR19 A Skoda Octavia broke down at School lane in Dereham after the driver filled it with the wrong petrol in Esso Petrol Station in East View 1 Yaxham road. When we arrived, the draining only took 35 minutes and the car started with no trouble.


Petrol in diesel Norwich NR4 A lady working at Banham Florists had her Ford KA Studio filled with diesel at Tesco Earlham road Express petrol station and we were called to drain the wrong fuel. The work took 30 minutes and she was back on the road in no time.


Petrol in diesel Thetford IP25 A guy called us and was very upset when his Mercedes-Benz M Class was contaminated by petrol at the Wayland Garage at 47 Thetford Road and we had to come and rescue him from his predicament. After 40 minutes, we had his car started and he was thankful enough to give us a generous tip.


Petrol in diesel Fakenham NR21 A teacher from Fakenham High School had her car broke down at Wells road after filling it up with the wrong fuel at the Shell Station at Creak Road. We serviced her and before an hour we had drained her car of contaminated fuel and the car problem was fixed.


Petrol in diesel Wymondham NR18 On our way back from one of our servicing at Wymodham Abbey Parish, we were asked to help a man in Folly road who had misfuelled his car at the Esso Service Station in 91-93 Norwich Road Town Centre. We had his car running less than 30 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Attleborough NR17 A Volkwagen Golf was misfuelled at the Sainsbury Petrol Station in high Street and we were called for help. The owner, a young woman working at Creations salon was furious but we had her jumping for joy after we had drained her car of the wrong fuel and she was back on track without taking long. It just took about 40 minutes after we had arrived.


Petrol in diesel Holt NR25 A taxi driver in Holt accidentally filled his Hyundai with the wrong fuel and had to call us up for draining. In less than 30 minutes we were already draining his taxi with the wrong fuel and in about 43 minutes, it was running with no problems.


Petrol in diesel Great Yarmouth NR31 A worker in Admiral’s Quay was filling his Isuzu Rodeo at Southtown Road Service Station at 126 Southtown rd when he realized it was petrol. Having heard of us from a friend in Edinburgh, he called our branch and was amazed that we did work efficiently and fast. In 40 minutes we had his car running again.


Petrol in diesel King’s Lynn PE30 A young fellow going to West Lynn from Fair Green stopped for fuel at the Tesco Petrol Station at Hardwick Road and then broke down on Wisbech road. We drained and fixed his car after 50 minutes. He was impressed by the work we had done that he promised to refer us to his friends and relatives.


Petrol in diesel Norwich NR1 One of the staff at Hotel Belmonte had misfuelled his Renault Clio with diesel from Morrisons Petrol Station in Albion way. We were called for service and we had his car in good shape before he knew it.

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