Petrol in diesel Cambridgeshire

Fuel Expert opened a service centre in Cambridgeshire to help vehicle owners with their misfuelling problems. We have a Mobile Draining Unit that is always ready for those who wish to have their car drained of fuel. The crew is available any time of the day and can come to your aid in less than 30 minutes after calling 07720875212.


Putting the wrong fuel in your car can affect its engine. This may result to you having to spend more for repairs. Fuel Expert is ready to solve that problem for you along with its able crew who has been with us for more than 3 years and are very skilled in this line of work. Here are some of the areas that we’ve covered recently:


Petrol in diesel Peterborough PE1 A staff member at the Murco Petroleum at 214-228 Lincoln road called us when one of their customers had their car misfuelled. We sorted out the problem after 36 minutes.


Petrol in diesel March PE15 A banker misfuelled his Vauxhall Adam at the BP service station at 10 Dartford road and broke down on Wisbech road. The panicky driver sent for us and we had his car fixed after 43 minutes.


Petrol in diesel St Neots PE19 A golfer at the Cromwell Golf Club called us when he had his Renault Clio filled with diesel at the BP station at Great North road. We drained the car of 30 liters of diesel fuel in under 30 minutes and he was back on the road after 10 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Ely CB7 We drained a Jaguar XF that was misfuelled At the Tesco filling station in Angel Grove. The driver called us and we arrived after 30 minutes. 15 minutes later, the driver was on the road on the way for his meeting.


Petrol in diesel St Ive’s PE27 We were sent to Green End when a Mazda RX8 broke down after it was filled with diesel at the Shell filling station at Ramsey road. We handled the situation smoothly and the driver was very grateful for the fast service.


Petrol in diesel Huntingdon PE28 One of the friendliest staff that we met was from the BP service station in Huntingdon. They called for us when one of their customers had their car misfuelled. The driver was glad to have his car running after we had drained it of petrol in 34 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Cambridge CB4 A Toyota Hilux broke down on Bridge road after refuelling at the City service station at 159 Histon road. It was a tough job but we managed to drain and start his car after 55 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Wisbech PE13 At the BP service station at Clarkson Court we were asked to drain a Citroen C1 after it was contaminated by diesel. 43 litres of diesel was removed and lucky enough the car started within the hour.


Petrol in diesel Chatteris PE16 A car broke down at Station street after the driver filled his Hyundai I20 at the BP service station at West Park street. We helped the chatty driver with his car problem and had drained it of 46 liters of diesel in 45 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Ely CB6 One evening we were dispatched to the BP petrol Station at 107 Wisbech road to drain a Volkswagen Beetle of contaminated fuel. We had the car running in 43 minutes and the contaminated fuel removed totally.


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