Fuel Drain Hull

Fuel Drain Hull

Feeling foolish after you’ve misfueled your diesel car with petrol? No worries! Your car can still be saved if you let us do our job of petrol in diesel removal, but you’d have to call us first at 07720875212 We can come to your rescue in 30 minutes or so.

We have a unit in Hull that offers 24/7 service so all it takes is a call and we’d come driving regardless of time and location. We have a professional and well trained crew that can remove all the wrong fuel under an hour whatever your car’s model is.

We go as far north as Hartlepool and as far west as Doncaster

In our three years in business, we’ve provided the following fuel drain in Hull:

Fuel drain Anlaby.  We responded to a call in Hull Road to remove petrol from a broken down Mercedes Benz R-Class. Within 40 minutes, we drained the fuel, flushed the system, and refilled it with diesel.

Fuel drain Willerby. A customer called us to the Willerby Service station, where we conducted our fuel draining services all in 20 minutes while assuring him his Jaguar is fine.

Fuel drain Cottingham. A Ford Mondeo owner called us from the Sewell on the Go to remove 4 gallons of petrol and we had his car on the road 15 minutes within our arrival.

Fuel drain Bransholme. A 5am call brought us to Bude Road and to a misfueled and broken down Honda Civic, but 10 minutes later, we drained all 20 litres of petrol in it.

Fuel drain Hessle. Our crew helped a customer’s Citroen C4 run without any damage after its owner filled it with unleaded petrol at Sainsbury’s Petrol Station, all under 30 minutes.

Fuel drain Garden Village. A taxi driver misfueled his Citroen hackney cab with 3 gallons of petrol at the Stoneferry Service Station, all drained within 15 minutes. He thanked us for saving his cab and his job.

Fuel drain Bilton. A customer at Sewell on the Go – Wyton Bar asked us for help in draining the wrong fuel. Our efficient crew saved the day by removing contaminated fuel in less than 10 minutes from the BMW 3 Series.

Fuel drain Paull. We received a house call to Paull Road on a Sunday to drain petrol from customer’s Lexus. She was visibly relieved after seeing the process herself and talking to our friendly and courteous crew.

Fuel drain Dunswell. A grateful customer called us to A1174 when he couldn’t start his Alfa Romeo Spider’s engine that’s contaminated with petrol. But we resolved the issue in 40 minutes and gave him enough fuel to drive to the nearby Dunswell Service Station.

Fuel drain Sutton on Hull. A busy Monday morning’s first customer filled her Volvo S60 with 2 gallons of unleaded petrol. She was stranded on Robson’s way but we reached her 10 minutes after her call, drained the wrong fuel in 15 minutes, and got her driving again safely.


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