For those who want to drain the fuel from their own vehicles please take the time to read this.

I dispence advice and tips regarding removing wrong fuel on the assumption that the reader has his/her wits about them regarding the subject of fuel, fumes and being burned alive or blown to bits.

Some say it smells like chicken, others say it smells like pork, whatever the general consensus is regarding the smell of burning human flesh, I am sure everyone who experiences it would agree wholeheartedly that it F@@@@@@@ hurts.

Petrol, is a gas, a very explosive gas, it is also heavier than air, a common news story is a mechanic working on a cars fuel system over an inspection pit which over the course of the day fills up with petrol vapour and becoming un unexploded bomb, when a power tool is turned on or a cigarette lit, or some other cause of ignition happens, the mechanic if he survives will also form his own opinion of whether it smells like pork or chicken, and he will also agree it hurts.

Smoking whilst working on a fuel system, using power tools, trying to suck fuel up with a wet and dry hoover, and ingesting mouthfuls of fuel while trying to syphon will all end in grief.

I know of 2 serious incidents regarding fires being started whilst a fuel drain is performed, and of a car that caught fire after a fuel drain, I’m not a health and safety freak but I do have a very strict approach to fuel, me and my company have never had an incident yet.

I urge you to take the utmost care with the subject and adhere to the do’s and the don’ts.

I could also bore myself to death re-writing whats already been written on this subject so here’s the link

Please read it, preferably not on an ipad in a specialist burns unit in hindsight.



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