Petrol in Diesel Essex

There are moments when you just forget what you’re supposed to do and when this moment comes when you’re refuelling, then you might just put petrol in diesel or the other way around. If this happened to you too, you can simply dial 07720 875212 and call Fuel Expert for help. We can then come rushing to wherever you are in Essex using our mobile van fully equipped with wrong fuel removal equipment.

Fuel Expert provides 24/7 service that is usually rated a perfect 10 by more than 5,000 satisfied customers in the UK. Our technicians can even siphon the wrong fuel from your car whatever its model is or wherever you happen to misfuel it.

For petrol in diesel Essex, we’ve used our expertise in the following ways:

Petrol in diesel Braintree CM77. We just finished saving a misfueled Honda in Halstead when we were called to the Bradwell Service Station on A120. We had to drain 43L of petrol from a Kia Sorento 2.5 and we did it in 50 minutes.

Petrol in diesel Harlow CM17. Our team didn’t expect grateful faces to greet us when we reached Haydens Road in Harlow to suck out petrol in diesel from a Land Rover Discovery 3. We even received hugs from the couple and their kids after we’re done with our job.

Petrol in diesel Rayleigh SS6. Eastwood Road was fortunately empty at 11pm, which allowed us to drain 35L of petrol from a customer’s Volvo V50 D5. The process went on smoothly so the car was back on the road in 33 minutes.

Petrol in diesel Dunmow CM6. The Oak Service Station on Bannister Green was really filled with a lot of motorists on a Friday night, including our customer’s Isuzu Rodeo Denver, which had petrol in it instead of diesel. For 43 minutes, we operated on removing the contaminated fuel from the car and had it running again right away.

Petrol in diesel Billericay CM11. The main office called to alert us to a house call on Tanfield Drive. An elderly couple just realised they might have filled their old Toyota car with petrol, instead of diesel, and asked around until they found us. We’re quick to help, finishing the job in 48 minutes, allowing the couple to drive safely to the church.

Petrol in diesel Marks Tey CO6. Our customer called for help from the Shell UK station on Coggeshall Road at 9am. We reached the station at 9:25am and started working right away. Before our synchronized watches told us it’s 10am, the customer’s Fiat Punto was out of the station and into the road.

Petrol in diesel West Mersea CO5. With sweats dripping nonstop, we worked extra fast in front of the Old Forge Filling Station on Kingsland Road at noon. Our efforts paid off when we saw the driver drove away with his perfectly restored Lexus after we drained almost four gallons of petrol.

Petrol in diesel Basildon CM SS14. A customer prepared a delicious cake for us when we visited her home on The Lichfields. It was a thank you gift for managing to restore her misfueled Jaguar XF 2.7 into good running condition.

Petrol in diesel Chelmsford CM2. At Tesco, our customer was almost hysterical when she found out she filled her terror boss’ BMW 3-Series with the wrong fuel. It’s a good thing we’re known as a mobile fuel draining company because the Tesco crew referred the customer to us and we came to the ultimate rescue, saving her from being possibly fired from her job.

Petrol in diesel Clacton-on-Sea CO15. We didn’t let the bad weather stop us from helping a customer whose SEAT Exeo ST was stranded on Carnarvon Road. The customer was so thankful he even offered to make business cards for us and distribute it to his family and friends.


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