Wrong Fuel East Sussex

It’s not easy maintaining a car, more so funding its repair once it gets damaged. That’s why car owners usually don’t see misfueling as a minor mistake that can be easily remedied. However, you don’t have to feel rotten for so long when Fuel Expert technicians can help.

At Fuel Expert, we’re more than willing to service your car 24/7. When you call 07720 875212, just wait for 30 minutes or less and you’ll see our mobile fuel draining van headed to your site. This is true wherever you are in East Sussex.

Some of those who had wrong fuel in East Sussex were aided by our company in the following ways:

Wrong fuel Rye TN31. Every single day of work is a learning session for us. A voice coach filled his Honda with petrol instead of diesel at the Jempsons on Main Street. While we cleaned the contaminated fuel from his car, he taught us some tips on how to sing well until our work ended in an hour.

Wrong fuel Hurst Green TN19. A couple of cricket players weren’t able to go home right after a game because the captain’s Vauxhall won’t start. When they were certain it was misfueled, one of them immediately recommended us. We didn’t disappoint after delivering what we always promise – a quick, just 30 minutes, and effective recovery of a wrongly fuelled car even if we did it on London Road.

Wrong fuel Burwash TN19. One fine Sunday, we were called to Ashdene Service Stations. A gentle couple was confused which fuel nozzle to use for their Ford Focus Estate and ended up filling their car with 16L of petrol, which we easily removed in 30 minutes.

Wrong fuel Horam TN21. Our Horam Service Station customers misfueled their BMW and kept saying how prompt and pleasant we work compared to the crew of the previous mobile fuel draining company that they’ve hired before.

Wrong fuel Heathfield TN21. We were surprised that some kids obviously didn’t mind being stuck on Station Road. Despite their calm behaviours though, we still did our best to get them home with the Volkswagen intact in 40 minutes.

Wrong fuel Lewes BN7. The team had a bit of a struggle before we reached Paddock Road, but we still made sure to reach our customer and his topped up Cadillac within 30 minutes. In another 50 minutes, both parties parted ways with big smiles on our faces.

Wrong fuel Eastbourne BN21. A family with a newborn child just came from a nearby hospital when their car broke down on Royal Parade. The mum begged for us to work extra hard to get the car started safely but she need not do that. We removed 34L of petrol in 30 minutes.

Wrong fuel Bexhill TN40. It was a Monday when we rescued a family off Murco Petroleum Ltd. on Buckhurst Road. The fact that the kids had huge smiles on their faces after we said that their Kia is good to go was more than enough to power us up for the rest of the week.

Wrong fuel Uckfield TN22. Our team is used to dealing with all types of customers so it didn’t matter to us how difficult or nervous a customer is. This is what happened when we found a young lady almost breaking down as she watched over her broken down Toyota RAV4. We saved it though and stopped her from freaking out in the Shell Station.

Wrong fuel Newhaven BN9. A customer kept thanking us for saving him from what would otherwise be a disastrous fight at home with his wife when he misfueled their Land Rover, for the third time. Since we only spent 40 minutes fixing the car, his wife wouldn’t notice how delayed he is before coming home.


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