Wrong Fuel In Volvo

So you might be wondering how to remove the wrong fuel from your Volvo.

Volvo’s are becoming increasingly popular, and as one of our mechanics puts it “yummy mummys drive em” , – although I dont agree 100% with the stereotype – he is not far off.

Saying that the last one I did was for a middle age’d doctor – (a Mr).

Anyways enough about us, your here for some help and advice about a fuel drain.

Firstly if you have misfulled your Volvo, I really do suggest you get a fuel drain, thats not sales patter, its expereince, if you go thru the other pages I have done I give out lots of help and advice regarding DIY fuel drains, but on a volvo – No.

Reason is, back in the day Volvo made steel tanks, these were pressed into shape and looked like this

old volvo fuel drain

It was simply made by pressing steel, the shape is simple and the ridges are added for strenth, (no change there then)





Then Volvo got all high tech with the fuel tank, and came up with the most bespoke tank set up I have seen, it looks like this

new volvo tank drainThis is an XC90 tank. it is actually 2 tanks, it has 2 of everything, 2 pumps, two senders, 2 air balance lines – but one filler neck.

The transmission and exhaust run thru the middle of it.


Volvo’s sort the men from the boys in the fuel draining business, most anyone can stick a suction pipe down a cars throat and drain the fuel, but when the tanks are set up like this, to empty them requires bypassing the internal fluid balancing pump without turning on the engine – quite a trick, and also a trade secret, I say that but if you had the tools needed to do one of these, you wouldn’t be reading this, you would be draining out your volvo.

If you did drain this out with a suction pump you would only get out half the fuel, hence the need to power up the fuel pump in the other half of the tank to send the fuel over to where it can be retrieved from.

Another reason I would always recommend a professional fuel drain on a Volvo is  Volvo dealers randomly inspect diesel volvo’s for signs of petrol contamination when they are in for a service, and when detected they often insist on major repairs regardless of symptoms being present other than microscopic petrol traces about £6500 quid is the going rate for the “full monty”, not to say all volvo dealers wear a mask and ride horses – There are some very good ones.

All told they are a specialist job, if you have the tools and know how to do one then by all means have a go, but for those who dont want to get mucky – call a pro.









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