Fuel Drain Birmingham

Fuel Drain Birmingham


We are a team of fuel draining experts that can help anyone that filled up their car with the wrong fuel type by mistake. We have a mobile fuel draining unit based in Birmingham that will assist you as soon as possible and get you running again.


Out mobile unit has all the equipment necessary so you don’t have to undergo any costly repairs and with our 99% success rate, we will get you back on the road in less than an hour.


Some of the recent fuel drains performed in Birmingham include:


map of Birmingham

Fuel draining in Bearwood: The drive of a Peugeot 208 filled up his car at the Murco Petrol Station on Sandon Road with the wrong fuel. His car stopped working on Portland Road from where he called us. We managed to get to the scene in 25 minutes and got his car up and running in less than an hour.


Fuel draining in Strechford: A young businessman was driving to work when his car broke down on Garrets Green Lane. He previously filled up his Vauxhall Zafira with the wrong fuel type at the Shell Petrol Station on Station Road. We managed to assist him immediately and get his car working in less than an hour.


Fuel draining in Ladywood: A young person driving a diesel Toyota Yaris filled up from the Shell Petrol Station on Bath Row with the petrol instead of diesel. He called us from City Road and we got there in less than half an hour and fixed his can in an hour.


Fuel draining in Dudley: The driver of a new diesel Hyundai i10 filled her car with petrol at the Tesco Petrol Station on Highland Road by mistake. After breaking down on Black Country New Road, she called us and we assisted her in less than 30 minutes and shortly got the car running again.


Fuel draining in Shirley: A Renault Clio driver stopped to fill up at the BP Petrol Station on Stratford Road. By mistake he filled it up with petrol and the car broke down on Brook Lane. We arrived at the scene shortly and managed to get him running in less than an hour.


Fuel Draining in Wednesbury: A young office worker was returning home from work in his new BMW 520d when he stopped to fill up at the BP Petrol Station on Walsall Street. Mistakenly, he used petrol and his car stopped working on High Street. After calling us, we arrived shortly and we managed to drain the wrong fuel out of his car in 50 minutes.

Fuel Drain Birmingham 

Your car might have some serious damage if it has a problem with diesel or petrol contamination, which happens if you misfuel it. This is why Fuel Expert is always ready to provide an effective fuel draining process or a flush-through, something that you can expect about 30 minutes after you call us.

We are equipped with the latest equipment to drain any amount of the wrong fuel from any car model. Since we have a mobile van that can take us to where you are, whether you’re in the roadside, filling stations or car parks, we can work on your car as fast as possible.

For fuel drain in Birmingham, we’ve done the following works:

Fuel drain Olbury B68. We reached the Murco station in Londonberry Road 15 minutes after the customer called us. It was easy for us to remove almost four gallons of petrol from the Toyota Verso T Spirit because he didn’t start the car at all.

Fuel drain Harborne B17. Our crew didn’t have any problem reaching the Harborne Service Station on Court Oak Road, where our customer’s Mini Cooper was misfuelled. We flushed the engine in just 40 minutes.

Fuel drain Handsworth B21. A customer called us to remove the contaminated fuel from his Citroen C-Crosser at Centenary Drive. Before he and his bride-to-be came out of the nearby bridal services in an hour, we’re done.

Fuel drain Kings Heath B14. At 10pm, we were called to the Shell Kings Heath and we arrived at about 10:20pm. We removed petrol from a Fiat Bravo before 11pm.

Fuel drain Perry Barr B42. Our seasoned team only had to work for 40 minutes of petrol in diesel removal on a customer’s stranded Vauxhall Astra on Church Lane. The customer even drove away with a look of wonder in his eyes.

Fuel drain Solihull B92. Our team was dispatched to Tesco Sulihull at 4am and found the misfuelled Infiniti in the filling station. Apparently, the customer started the ignition after filling it with petrol but we still siphoned the wrong fuel in half an hour.

Fuel drain Yardley B25. A team of cricket players drove their car to and from the Yardley Cricket ground though they didn’t make it home when their car stalled. It was misfuelled so we had to siphon almost three gallons of petrol from it, which we did in an hour.

Fuel drain Castle Vale B35. Our customer filled her BMW with petrol at the Pitstop station on Turnhouse Road, which we removed in 50 minutes. It started off what turned out to be a great Tuesday.

Fuel drain Sparkhill B11. A family, who were playing football in Sparkhill Park, couldn’t start their misfuelled Ford. We came to the rescue 20 minutes after their call and completely removed 30L of petrol from it, while maintaining our reputation as one of the swiftest companies that remove wrong fuel.

Fuel drain Hall Green B28. A group of friends unknowingly filled a friend’s Porsche, which eventually stalled in the middle of Ingestre Road. Fortunately, we’re in the area and reached them in 10 minutes. The team spent less than an hour draining the wrong fuel.

Fuel drain Quinton B62.  A customer’s Lexus stalled on Quinton Expressway, but we saved him from a prolonged embarrassment when we finished siphoning 33L of petrol from his car.

Fuel drain Great Barr B43. We rushed to the Spar station after we finished working on a customer’s car at Hemsworth. In just an hour, we saved the customer’s expensive car from fuel contamination. Another accomplishment for our mobile fuel draining company.

Fuel drain Bearwood BH11. Our team was called to the Beakes Road at around midnight because a customer’s Mazda 2 stalled in the middle of the Road. However, we cut his agony short after we flushed the petrol out of its system in just 30 minutes.

Fuel drain Selly Oak B29. A customer filled his Subaru Forester with 20L of petrol at the Selly Oak Bristol Road station. He panicked when he saw his receipt but we only worked on the car for about 50 minutes to the joy of the customer.

Fuel drain Acocks Green B27. We saved a family’s Ford Focus Estate after removing almost three gallons of petrol from the diesel car. It’s a good thing they called us first after they saw petrol on their receipt before starting the engine.

Fuel drain Erdington B24. Our crew only worked on a misfuelled Toyota for 30 minutes but it brought us three other customers, who our impressed customer referred to us.

Fuel drain Washwood Heath B8. We helped a single mum whose three-year old son was throwing tantrums by keeping him in awe of the way we worked on their Kia Sorento at the BP Connect station.

Fuel drain Stechford B13. Our team headed to Salisbury Road to remove 28L of petrol from a Skoda Yeti within an hour.

Fuel drain Edgbaston B15. It took us 30 minutes to reach our stranded customer on Priory Road, but we also did our best to shorten the time spent on removing almost 30L of petrol from his Jeep.

Fuel drain West Bromwich B71. The BP station on Birmingham Road was our instant garage when we had to drain 33L of petrol from a Chevrolet Captiva. The customer was so grateful that she even promised to bring us her special cupcakes, which she did.


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