Wrong Fuel Suffolk

Dealing with a misfueling incident would likely make you feel as though you’re the worst idiot in the world. However, you don’t have to feel that way for long if you can have our petrol in diesel removal experts help you out. You just need to call us at 07720 875212 and expect that our technicians will be by your side in half an hour or less. This has always been our formula that has helped us gain more than 5,000 happy customers.

Fuel Expert can perform the wrong fuel removal for basically any type of car. As long as you’re within Suffolk, our mobile van can freely roam the area and get to the car park, home, roadside or filling station where you’re at. Since our service is available 24/7, you can get help as quickly as possible for your car.

In fact, we have helped customers with wrong fuel in Suffolk in the following ways:

Wrong fuel Ipswich IP1. Our team can say that we’ve sort of established a good name in the Ipswich area since even the Shell Station crew on Norwich Road know about us and would often refer us to customers with wrong fuel problems. That’s what happened when we had to drain all 21L of petrol from a customer’s Honda Civic 2.2.

Wrong fuel Haverhill CB9. A group of co-workers was travelling to the Haver Hill Indoor & Outdoor Bowls Centre when one of their cars stalled in the middle of the Ehringshausen Way. It’s a good thing we’re going that way so we reached the customers in 15 minutes and worked  on the unfortunate Mitsubishi for about 45 minutes.

Wrong fuel Felixstowe IP11. It would have been a huge problem for a Jaguar XJ-driving customer if he started the engine of the car despite being filled with around four gallons of petrol. However, he stayed put and it helped us flush the car’s system clean in an hour.

Wrong fuel Mildenhall IP28. A customer kept motivating us while working on her five-door Tecna Nissan Micra by singing us songs that helped us de-stress. An hour passed by swiftly without us even noticing that we’ve spent that much time on the car already.

Wrong fuel Halesworth IP19. Norwich Road was quite busy on a Tuesday afternoon when we had to rescue two cars, a Ford Mondeo and an Alfa Romeo, which a single family own and drive. However, they still saved lots of money since we had them running in 56 minutes. We collected almost six gallons of petrol from both cars too.

Wrong fuel Lowestoft NR32. We were sent to Yarmouth Road at 2pm and reached it by 2:30pm. We spent another 30 minutes siphoning about 43 litres of petrol, after which the car was running as smoothly as it usually does.

Wrong fuel Woodbridge IP12. We’ve visited the Shell Station on Grove Road several times that week and our fifth visit consisted of saving a customer’s Skoda Octavia Greenline. We collected almost 30L of petrol from the car, which we disposed properly.

Wrong fuel Stowmarket IP14. We had a smooth operation on a Hyundai i30 Estate Comfort in Brockford Garage that it only lasted for 32 minutes to remove 25L of petrol from the car.

Wrong fuel Newmarket CB8. Even the newest members in our wrong fuel removal team did their best that helped us finish draining the contaminated fuel from an Alfa Romeo 159 in 50 minutes in the middle of Bury Road.

Wrong fuel Bury St. Edmunds IP33. Green Ace Garage was quick at assisting us in rescuing what would have otherwise been a scrapped Toyota Auris SR180. Even the customer was amazed at how fast we work in 30 minutes as she compared how the previous fuel draining service she got lasted for almost two hours.


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