petrol in diesel devon

Petrol in Diesel Devon


Fuel Expert has now reached Devon and we bring with us our fully equipped Mobile Draining Unit. We offer our services to everyone with a vehicle be it run by petrol or diesel. Our crew are skilled, efficient and fast. We can reach you in 30 minutes anytime and anywhere. Just call us at 07720 875212.


If you are worried about spending lots of cash for repairs on a misfuelled car, then this is your chance to try our fuel draining services. We can have your car drained of contaminated fuel before an hour passes. Our 3 years of experience has been a success and you can read the following testimonies below:


Petrol In Diesel Exmouth EX8 An avid golfer at the Phear Park Golf unfortunately filled his Honda Civic with diesel at the Exmouth Garage and Londis in 87 Salterton road, and he called us to drain his car. We took care of the problem in less than 40 minutes.


Petrol In Diesel Plymouth PL9 A lady called us to the WM Morrisons Petrol station in Pomphlett road when she accidentally filled her Volkswagen Sharan with petrol. Unsure of what to do, she called us for help and after 50 minutes, her car was running and ready to go.


Petrol In Diesel Clovelly EX39 A car after being filled up with the wrong fuel at the Clovelly Cross Filling Station broke down near St. Christophers Cottage and we were sent in to fix the problem. We drained it of 20 litres of diesel and the owner was happily on her way.


Petrol In Diesel Holsworthy EX22 A worker at the Bridge Inn misfuelled his Fiat Seicento with diesel at The Jewells Cross Service station at Bridgerule. The driver was put at ease when we fixed his car in 35 minutes.


Petrol In Diesel Exeter EX2 At the Sainsbury’s Petrol station in Alphington road, a Mini Cooper S was contaminated with diesel and we had to drain it with the 32 litres that was pumped in. The work took us 46 minutes but the car was working fine afterwards.


Petrol In Diesel Exeter EX1 One afternoon we were dispatched to the Essos Service Station at 85 Fore street City Centre where a Lexus Is200 was misfuelled and the driver was doubtful if we would be able to fix it. After 45 minutes, his doubts were removed when he heard his car start.


Petrol In Diesel Barnstaple EX32 A Vauxhall Zafira was misfuelled at the Esso Service Station at the Barbican Road with 25 litres of petrol. Havng heard of our services the driver called us and as promised, before an hour had passed, we had his car drained of the contaminated fuel.


Petrol In Diesel South Molton EX36 A Hyundai Sante fe owned by a nurse at the Eastleigh Care Homes in 91 East street was contaminated with diesel at Rogers Garage in 111 East street. We drained her car of 15 litres of diesel and had it running in under 35 minutes.


Petrol In Diesel Woolacombe EX34 We saved another car at Station rd when a Honda Jazz was misfuelled at the Spar Service Station at Europa Park Services. We fixed his car after draining the contaminated fuel in under an hour.


Petrol In Diesel Cullompton EX15 A car broke down at the Manitoba Gardens after being filled with diesel at the Exeter Road garage in Exeter road. The owner immediately called us and we had his car drained of the 25 litres of diesel that was accidentally pumped.

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