Wrong Fuel in Jaguar

So you've put the wrong fuel in your Jag?

Wrong Fuel in a jaguar

I am seing more and more of these lately, and I must admit I do like the new jags at the moment.

Okay so you put petrol in your diesel jag, what do you do next.

You can phone your jaguar dealer directly, 2 things will happen, the person who answers your call at the jag shop will suck his teeth, then he will insist on sending a low loader out to the petrol station or wherever your Jag is.

From there a very very hefty quote will be put together  for a massive repair including fuel pumps, injectors and a few other bits for good measure, this could easily be as high as 12k, you will be encouraged to put this on your insurance and may mistakingly think it is "free" (except when you come to renew and your insurance company wants 3 times what you paid last year)

In my honest opinion and I do feel qualified to give one, I have drained petrol out of at least 40 different Jags in my time, and none of them needed anything other than a fuel drain.

And yes, a good number of those had been driven with the wrong fuel in them.

When we drain Jaguar tanks we use our standard fuel recovery hose system which goes down the filler neck, what happens next is why you should go with a professional fuel drain on a jag.
Wrong fuel Jaguar XF tankThis is a tank from a 62 plate Jaguar XF, this tank is in 2 sections and is shaped like a saddle which hangs over the rear prop shaft. inside the tank is a balancing pump that sends fuel between the 2 compartments and over the "hump" draining from the filler neck will only recover about 60% of the fuel, for the other 40% which remains in the fuel cell on the far side, the onboard fuel transfer "brain" needs to be told to send the remaining 40% across to the cell that can be accessed with a suction kit.

The reason for the tank being designed like so is give the car and lower center of gravity without affecting ground clearance with a big bulky tank, so it uses up all the otherwise deadspace under the car and the back seat.

Jaguars are a car I dont recommend doing yourself or having a wannabe mechanic play with, the newer diesel is complex and needs done properly.

Although misfulling a jag will not kill it, leaving petrol in a diesel one will cause harm to the plastics and rubber tanks and hoses and seals that have been specifically designed to hold diesel, the diesel fuel system is entirely different from the petrol one, so leaving the wrong fuel in it for too long will cause corrosion to the innards, and what happens next is a plastic rubbery goo gets in and about the system causing real problems.

How long it takes for it to get that far I do not know, but a proper fuel drain done right will stop it from getting worse and get out the muck that has built up

If you have misfueld a jag I suggest you get a fuel drain from a competent fuel draining company


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