Wrong Fuel In Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeos with the wrong fuel is not the most common job we have by far but we are seing more of them.

Alfa does some great little diesels and I even had one myself (156) a while back.

The most common alfa we deal with by far would be the 159 followed by the Mito.

Alfa's are a relatively easy drain, they are single cell fuel tanks

Alfa Mito Diesel Tank wrong fuel Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 17.39.58.pngThis is the Mito tank, it is quite small for a diesel tank but then again the mito isn't a heavy drinker. these tanks are emptied of the wrong fuel with the usual suction tool.




And the 159 fuel tank, again being a single cell tank we remove the wrong fuel from these by using our suction system.



Posting pictures of the fuel tanks here is slightly misleading, I never take a fuel tank off when doing a fuel drain, but whenever I am round the car breakers I have a look at the tanks on the shelf to get an idea of how to get as much fuel out as possible when doing drain as the lowest point of the tank is not always visible when it is fitted in a car.



  • Alpha Romeo 155
  • Alpha Romeo 145
  • Alpha Romeo 146
  • Alpha Romeo GTV/Spider
  • Alpha Romeo 156
  • Alpha Romeo 166
  • Alpha Romeo 155 GTA
  • Alpha Romeo 155 V6 TI
  • Alpha Romeo 156 D2
  • Alpha Romeo GTV Cup
  • Alpha Romeo 156 GTA Super 2000
  • Alpha Romeo 156 Super 2000
  • Alpha Romeo 147
  • Alpha Romeo 8C Competizione
  • Alpha Romeo 8C Spider
  • Alpha Romeo GT
  • Alpha Romeo Brera
  • Alpha Romeo 159
  • Alpha Romeo Spider
  • Alpha Romeo MiTo
  • Alpha Romeo 147 GTA Cup

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