Wrong Fuel Kent

Was an error made in fuelling your diesel car? There is absolutely nothing simple about these issues and Fuel Expert knows how bloody inconvenient it is! Fuel Expert is immensely aware of that difficulty and presents itself as the Bees Knees in taking out contaminated petrol fuel in your diesel vehicle! All you need to do is hold on to the telly, press 07720 875212, and tell us where you are in Kent! We can restore your car in its former glory smokes in 40 minutes or less! Now, isn’t that brilliant?

With Fuel Expert, we are staffed with the best lads in the trade so can be sure that we take care of your car in the best possible way as we are renowned in removing cobbled fuel! Not only with very little fortune spent!

Assistance has been provided in the following ways for those who have fuelled wrongly in Kent:

Wrong Fuel Sevenoaks TN13: A young college student called in for assistance as he filled his Volkswaggen Jetta TDI with 18L of petrol at Sevenoaks Riverhead Superstore on Aisher Way. He was over the moon when we drained the cobbled fuel in 35 minutes.

Wrong Fuel Dartford DA1: A crew member of Sainsbury’s Petrol Station on Stadium Way called in and ask for assistance after a customer accidentally filled an Audi A1 Sportback with 21L of petrol. We removed the contaminated fuel in 30 minutes and everyone was joyous!

Wrong Fuel Gravesend DA12: A father called in because his son informed him that he fuelled his Mini Hatch 1.6 with 23 L of petrol on BP Clocktower Connect at Milton Road.  The son was blatantly grateful we removed the contaminated fuel in 30 minutes!

Wrong Fuel Tonbridge T9: An old man dialed in as he may have thrown a spanner in the works when he fueled 20 L of petrol in his Ford KA at Sainsbury’s Petrol Station on Angel Centre.  He was extremely happy when we removed the contaminated fuel in 31 minutes.

Wrong Fuel Gillingham ME7: A single mother with her 7 year old daughter gave us a bell when the car would no longer run and came to a full stop in Gillingham Golf Club. It was only when she viewed the receipt that she knew she absent-mindedly filled her Skoda Octavia with 19L of petrol at Tesco Petrol Filling Station on Courtney Road. Nothing else went pear shaped as we removed the petrol in 32 minutes!

Wrong Fuel Maidstone ME14: A worried son called in to ask for assistance as her mother informed him she will be home at a later time because she may have fuelled her SEAT Ibiza 1.2 wrongly at Chatham Road Service Station on Chatham Road. We showed her that we are as sound as a pound when we removed the contaminated fuel completely in 34 minutes!

Wrong Fuel Ashford TN24: A young couple dialed in for a quick help when they filled their BMW 1 series with 17 L of petrol at East Stour Filling Station on Hythe Road. They were ecstatic when we drained the contaminated fuel in 32 minutes!

Wrong Fuel Canterbury CT1: 1A teacher called us in a panic as she filled in her brand new Toyota Auris with 25 L of petrol at Wincheap Service Station on 188 Wincheap. Happiness becomes her when we saved her car in less than 35 minutes!

Wrong Fuel Ramsgate CT11: We were dispatched at on when a young woman filled her Renault Clio with 23L of petrol at Murco Petroleum Ltd on Hereson Road. She jumped up and down as we showed her a Yeoman’s service in draining the contaminated fuel in 35 minutes.

Wrong Fuel Dover CT16: A retired military gave us a bell when he accidentally filled his Citroen DS3 with 25 L of petrol at Townwall Service Station on Townwall Street. He gave us a mighty handshake as we completed the drain in 37 minutes. Isn’t that captivating?

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