Petrol in diesel Somerset

Fuel Expert’s Mobile Draining Unit along with its fuel draining services is now available at Somerset. The mobile unit is equipped with the latest tools to handle any type of vehicle that has been contaminated with the wrong fuel. We operate 24 hours and is ready to respond in 30 minutes by calling 07720875212.


Misfuelling your car with the wrong fuel can damage it badly which will cost you for repairs. Before it happens though, it is always best to have your car drained of contaminated fuel. With the help of our crew, this can be done easily and fast as proven in these areas:


Petrol in diesel Cheddar BS27 At the Crossroads Service Station in Shipham Cross Roads was a misfuelled Nissan Qashqai. We were called in to drain the contaminated fuel. After 40 minutes, we completed the job and the car was again filled with fresh petrol.


Petrol in diesel Bridgewater TA6 A lot of drivers fill their cars at the Morrisons at the Broway in Bridgewater and one of them filled their Citroen Saxo with diesel. After a few miles, it broke down and we went out to drain the car of diesel. We had him back on the road after 50 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Yeovil BA20 We were sent to the WM Morrisons petrol station at Lysander road where a lady filled her Honda Jazz with diesel and was in need of draining. We had her car fixed after 43 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Wincanton BA9 After filling his Ford ranger at the WM Morrisons petrol station in Southgate road, the driver called us to have his car drained of the contaminated fuel. After 38 minutes we had drained the car of the 40 litres of petrol.


Petrol in diesel South Petherton TA13 A staff member of the South Petherton Service Station at Harps road called us to help the driver of a Nissan Almera that they filled in error. The driver was calm but worried about his car. After 45 minutes, it was running smoothly again.


Petrol in diesel Tauton TA1 At the Shell Station at Priory Bridge Road, a Nissan Juke was filled with diesel but the driver didn’t start the car to avoid damages. We received the call and immediately went down to drain the vehicle. The work was done in 37 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Glastonbury BA6 A Peugeot 107 was filled with diesel at the Esso Service Station at Wirral Park Road and we were called to service the vehicle. After patiently waiting for 46 minutes, the car was back on the road.


Petrol in diesel Merriott TA16 Early in the evening, we were sent to Broadway Service Station in Merriott where a Fiat 500 was parked after being misfuelled by the driver. The driver was eager to go home and after 50 minutes, the car was in good running condition again.


Petrol in diesel Frome BA11 A car broke down on Portway after it was filled with diesel at the Portway Service Ststion in Frome. The car’s engine was not damaged so it started after we drained it of fuel. We did this in 56 minutes.


Petrol in diesel Langport TA10 At the La Benzina in Somerton Road, a Fiat Seicento was filled with diesel and the driver asked us for help. It was good to know that the driver didn’t start the car and made our work easier. After 35 minutes, the car was drained of the contaminated fuel.


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