Wrong Fuel Staffordshire

Holding the wrong nozzle while refilling your car could lead to a much bigger disaster if you don’t notice until the last minute what you’re about to put in your car. But if you still pushed on with filling your diesel car with petrol or the other way around, don’t worry. We, here at Fuel Expert, have fuel draining experts to help you out anytime, anywhere in Staffordshire. Now, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Fuel Expert is one of the garages that remove wrong fuel without making a hole in your pocket or wallet. We can deliver efficient yet reasonably priced services, whatever type of car you have misfueled.

We’ve helped the following clients when they encounter wrong fuel in Staffordshire:

Wrong fuel Stoke-on-Trent ST3. A customer was on the verge of tears at the Tesco station when she realised what she’s done to her poor Mini Cooper. However, we arrived 15 minutes after her call, in time to assure her that everything’s going to be fine. Indeed, we got her favourite car running again after almost 50 minutes of wrong fuel removal.

Wrong fuel Brewood ST19. It would have been a disastrous afternoon if we hadn’t come on time to stop a panicked customer who was stuck on Engleton Lane. She was shaking in fear about what might happen to her in the middle of nowhere, although she managed a smile and the strength to hug each one of us to thank us for getting her car on the road again.

Wrong fuel Uttoxeter ST14. Our hot Monday morning started off with the rescue of a wrongly refilled Citroen DS3 that the owner safely parked to the side of a Shell Station on New Road. It had 27L of petrol in it, which we drained in less than 30 minutes.

Wrong fuel Alton ST10. Hurstons Lane was almost empty at 2am, except for our customer’s Suzuki Swift SZ3. It stopped in the middle of its trip to the customer’s home, but we still got her home anyway after removing almost five gallons of petrol in 53 minutes.

Wrong fuel Stafford ST17. The team had to work through the extremely hot weather on a misfueled Volkswagen Phaeton 3.0, which had 23L of petrol in it. We couldn’t bear to watch the senior citizen customer struggle in the middle of the heat in front of the Esso Service Station.

Wrong fuel Eccleshall ST21. The crew was lucky enough to find a local rock band lead, whose Land Rover Range Rover Sport broke down after the unfortunate misfueling. But 45 minutes into our work, we gave them a thumbs-up to drive away safely.

Wrong fuel Burton-on-Trent DE13. A customer was hyperventilating when we reached her 20 minutes after her SOS from the JT Leavesley Ltd. station. However, she calmed down considerably when we’re able to get her Mercedes Benz R-Class to start again after removing close to 30L of petrol.

Wrong fuel Tamworth B79. A customer kept commenting on how professional and fast we worked when we finished draining 33L of petrol from his Mitsubishi Lancer SPORTBACK in 32 minutes.

Wrong fuel Penkridge ST19. Stafford Road hosted our 55-minute wrong fuel removal operation on a customer’s Skoda Fabia Elegance that was stuck in the middle of Cannock Road.

Wrong fuel Cannock WS11. The Orbital Filling Station was fortunately not as busy as it usually is when we arrived to fix a customer’s SEAT Alhambra Ecomotive that had petrol instead of diesel in it. We once again showcased our expertise in petrol in diesel removal, which put our client in awe of what we can do, especially when she saw her car run again.


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