Wrong Fuel In Mitsubishi

For all Mitsubishi owners who have put petrol in diesel whether it be an lt200, a td a pajero or a colt.

We have performed hundreds of fuel drains on Mitsubishis that have not suffered any lasting damage from a fuel error.

Mitsubishi’s are well equipped to handle the odd bit of wrong fuel, shoguns are a common victim and they tend to always survive.

The l200 is a regular and driven often by owner driver tradesmen, and most l200 owners I have met on the forecourt have been cuaght out when filling up at 6am bleary eyed en route to work.

All mitsubishis drain out easy enough, and I dont recommend taking one to the dealer , 2200 quid for 4 injectors was the last quote I saw,  being the nice guy I am I undercut the dealer by a fiver and did the job for £2195 – jokes aside we had it drained out for a tenth of that and the car has been fine since


Wrong fuel in a mitsubishi

And here we have a shogun tank, the black hole is the sender placement, this is a suction fed tank driven by a lift pump towards the engine,







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