Fuel Drain Maidstone

fuel drain maidstone


If you are in Maidstone, Kent and just put petrol in your diesel tank then you need the fuel drain Maidstone residents recommend most highly. Fuelexpert has three superfast response teams just a few miles away from you. This means you could be on your way again within an hour or less. Call <number> right away to request a fuel drain Maidstone wide. The following are just a few of many customers Fuelexpert helped recently in Maidstone, Kent

Fuel Drain in Ashford Road: A hassled housewife with screaming kids topped up her Citroen DS3 diesel with petrol at the Texaco Service Station where Ashford Road joins the A249 at half past two on Tuesday. No worries as she hadn’t restarted yet, and she was on her way within half an hour again. Well done boys!

Fuel Drain on the London A20 Road: We wish we could say the same for the two youngsters who topped up their VW Diesel Golf at the BP Tudor Filling Station last Thursday evening. They had driven several miles before they realised what had happened and we had to flush the entire system before they were back in action an hour fifteen minutes later.

Fuel Drain Maidstone M20: Some incidents really twang our heartstrings like the elderly tourists who topped their diesel Vauxhall Corsa  hire car up with petrol at the Esso Service Station at Junction 8. Fortunately the cashier saw this happening and logged an urgent call as they were on their way to catch a Gatwick flight. Well done Sue and Mary! Twenty-three minutes is a new record! Thanks very much.

Fuel Drain Bearsted: Yesterday’s late night callout was more typical of the average incident. A businessman pulled into the BP Sutton Road Fuel Station but was distracted by a phone call. He left his assistant to top up the diesel Peugeot 208. Poor fellow thought it had a petrol engine. Fortunately the thirty-seven minutes the job took gave the boss enough time to cool down and forgive him.

Fuel Drain Maidstone Chatham: Our vans have been out to the Sandling Service Station on the A429 several times recently and the latest call for help was last night after eleven o’clock. This time it was a bit more serious as the elderly lady drove eleven miles before she realised she was driving her diesel Merc and not her husband’s petrol version.

Fuelexpert has been in Maidstone, Kent for three years now, and is already the fuel drain Maidstone expert more customers recommend to their friends. Call us right now on <number> if you just put petrol in your diesel car and we’ll be there in a flash. Just don’t try to start or drive the vehicle. Relax. Your fuel drain Maidstone expert is on the way.

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