Wrong Fuel IN Seat

Wrong fuel in your Seat? Leon Ibiza? Altea? MPV? Alhambra?

wrong fuel seat lyon

This is a seat lyon fuel tank, which coincidentally is identical to a golf and audi fuel tank.



Draining the wrong fuel from your petrol infested diesel seat  is not a hard job.

Whether you have driven the car with the wrong fuel, or you are still at the pumps, the news is not all bad

Seat’s are a very simple car to drain out, and usually do not suffer too much from a bit of the wrong stuff, so relax.

To get the fuel out yourself, yank up the back seat, open the fuel sender lid by undoing the 3 bolts, unscrew the sender pump bracket, (stiff) and remove the fuel lines x 2 and the electric plug, now twist out the fuel sender and you can drain the fuel with either a syphon or in emergencies a cup – which takes a while.

Or……. you could call a friend if cars “ain’t your thang”

or…… call us, we can be on site in an hour and have you done in under 30 minutes for a modest fee


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