Fuel Drain Preston

Fuel Drain Preston

Filled up your car with the wrong fuel? Even if your first reaction might be to panic, don’t. We can help you here at Fuel Expert to make sure that your car won’t need further expensive repair. We can even serve you 24/7 to ensure that you can use your vehicle right away after you have misfuelled it.

Fuel Expert is among the top companies that remove wrong fuel that can promise to get to you, wherever you are in Preston, in 30 minutes or even quicker. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a petrol pump station, on the roadside or in a car park or what type of car you have.

Here are our most recent accomplishments for fuel drain in Preston:

Fuel drain Broughton. A teenager filled her new Toyota RAV4 with petrol instead of diesel, but the Kinders Service Station crew told her about us. We came 20 minutes after her call and got her back on the road in 40 minutes.

Fuel drain Samlesbury. It was close to midnight when our crew got to the Five Barred Gas Service Station, but we saved the start of our customer’s day after we got his Honda Civic Type running again before 1am.

Fuel drain Woodplumpton. A limo driver for a visiting American businessman misfuelled his boss’ Mercedes Benz with 1.5L of petrol, but we did our petrol in diesel removal trick and cleared it for safe driving in 60 minutes.

Fuel drain Penwortham. A Hyundai Tucson was parked near the Penwortham Service Station after the owner stopped driving it when he realised it had petrol in it. It wasn’t damaged though since it still roared to life after our fuel draining process.

Fuel drain Hutton. Our Monday morning started out right after we saved a heavily pregnant couple from being stranded on Moor Lane too long. We drained petrol from their Ford Focus Estate in 30 minutes.

Fuel drain Walton-le-Dale. Our crew was sent to Murco at the Victoria Road at noon and reached it at 12:15pm. A Suzuki Swift was filled with petrol, but we drained all 3L of it within 50 minutes.

Fuel drain Bamber Bridge. Sainsbury’s crew called us to say a customer’s Peugeot 208 was misfuelled. He was so thankful that we arrived ten minutes earlier than what we told him and worked on his car straight away. It had 15 litres of petrol, which we siphoned within 35 minutes.

Fuel drain Leyland. As we spent 30 minutes of our working time on removing petrol from a diesel Kia, we made another customer smile even after being stranded on Golden Hill Lane for an hour.

Fuel drain Grimsargh. An elderly couple couldn’t start their VW Touareg so they’re stranded at the car park for Neurocare Physiotherapy. We didn’t make them wait too long though because we drained 2L of petrol from their car in under an hour.

Fuel drain Clifton. We got to Preston Old Road to the cheers of our customers, whose Ford Grand C-Max stalled on the roadside. They cheered us on even louder while removing 3L of petrol from the car, which we completed in 45 minutes.


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