Wrong Fuel Norfolk

You might feel desperate when you learn about how you have possibly butchered your car by filling it up with the wrong fuel. However, your car will have higher chances of surviving if you call 07720 875212 and get a Fuel Expert on the line to talk to you about your problem. Just give us your specific location and we’ll be there in 30 minutes or less. It doesn’t even matter what type of car you drive or what time it is. We can perform petrol in diesel removal for it or the other way around.

If you hire us, you’ll have the benefit of about three years’ worth of experience and knowledge that would allow our technicians to find the problem with your misfueled car and resolve it. Our technicians move around the Norfolk area with a van equipped for a full fuel draining process wherever you are.

So far, we’ve helped clients with wrong fuel in Norfolk in the following ways:

Wrong fuel Mundesley NR11. It didn’t take our team long to drain and flush the engine of a misfueled Volvo V70 DRIVe SE in front of the Crayford & Abbs Ltd on Cromer Road. It also helped that our customer didn’t even attempt to start his car after he learned what he’s done.

Wrong fuel Dereham NR19. A couple was stuck at the Esso service station when they put the wrong fuel in their Infiniti FX30d GT Premium. However, we helped them move past the incident in just 33 minutes.

Wrong fuel Watton IP25. We immediately saw our customer’s Mazda on Norwich Road, but it didn’t stay broken down long. After 38 minutes of devoted wrong fuel removal, we finally heard the engine start! What a joy!

Wrong fuel North Walsham NR28. Our team was sent to the aid of an overly distressed lady who drove a Subaru Forester and is stuck at the Sainsbury’s station on Bacton Road. She put 25L of petrol in it instead of diesel because she was distracted by her kids in the car, which we effortlessly drained in 35 minutes.

Wrong fuel King’s Lynn PE30. A customer called us to Norfolk Street, where her Renault broke down after being filled with petrol instead of diesel. Forty minutes into our wrong fuel removal and we’re done!

Wrong fuel Fakenham NR21. We had a fun night session of wrong fuel removal at the Countryside Filling Station, which started at 9pm and ended before the clock struck 10. The customer’s Hyundai i20 then started without a hint of a problem.

Wrong fuel Norwich NR6. We’ve had previous customers misfueling at the Shell station on Sweet Briar Road so the crew knew about our business already. They called us again when another customer filled her Peugeot 208 with petrol instead of diesel, but we removed it in 48 minutes.

Wrong fuel Castle Acre PE32. Our team worked on a diesel Nissan that was driven on almost five gallons of diesel. We had to remove it and did so successfully in 30 minutes to the amazement of the customer.

Wrong fuel Swaffham PE37. A family was rushing their sick kid to the Swaffham Community Hospital but got stranded on Castleacre Road because the dad misfueled it due to panic. However, the mum got her to the hospital while we attended to the family’s Kia and had it running in 45 minutes.

Wrong fuel Great Yarmouth NR31. After our stop at Lowestoft, we drove to the Murco Petroleum station on Beccles Road. In just 43 minutes, we got rid of four gallons of petrol from a diesel Mitsubishi, which earned us warm hugs from the grateful lady customer.


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